6-15 Ton Container Forklift

Mora High Tonnage Battery Powered Forklifts, which shape the future of industrial transportation with the assurance of Orange forklifts, have been produced with Italian technology since 1972. With their unique technology and features, Mora High Tonnage Battery Powered Forklifts exceed the limits of industry standards with a carrying capacity of up to 25 tons. The powerful engine and robust chassis offer superior performance in handling heavy loads. Special forklifts that allow uninterrupted operation in containers up to 15 tons allow you to continue your business processes in the most effective way. The fact that it can be customized with dimensions and features specific to your unique needs is proof that it is unique in its field. With its high cabins, it increases your work safety and comfort by expanding your field of view. Equipped with low-emission engines, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly technologies, Mora Battery Powered Forklifts aim to minimize operating costs.

  • Special production for your unique demands
  • Production of battery powered forklifts up to 25 tons
  • Production of container forklifts up to 15 tons
  • Production with Italian technology since 1972


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