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Who are we?

Orange Forklift has been providing uninterrupted service in the forklift and warehouse stacking machinery industry for more than 20 years. Our organization aims to provide the most appropriate services to meet the needs of businesses and solution suggestions that can provide maximum benefit, with the experience it has accumulated over many years in the sector and its team specialized in its field.

20 Years of Experience

Thanks to the experiences we have gained over many years, we are pioneers in offering the fastest and most practical solutions to your needs.

Expert team

With our experienced and expert staff, we offer the most effective solutions to speed up your work and increase your efficiency.

Customer Happiness

We are number one in ensuring customer satisfaction with our quality products and services!


Years of Experience


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We prioritize customer relations above all else and attach importance to establishing permanent business relationships. We adopt our priority of keeping customer satisfaction permanent by adopting an innovative perspective.

The solution suggestions we offer to our customers are based on the quality, reliability and professional principles committed by Orange Forklift.

As Orange Forklift, we continue to work determinedly for the success of our partners.