Orange Forklift


Warehouse Equipment Battery

We ensure uninterrupted operation of warehouse equipment by providing a strong and durable energy source with the warehouse equipment battery. Thus, we prevent disruption.

Articulated Platform Battery

Articulated platform batteries, which have strong energy and storage capacity, are batteries specially designed for mobile platforms and transport equipment. Its strong energy provides good support in business processes.

Forklift Battery

The forklift battery ensures uninterrupted operation of forklifts with its durable energy and high capacity features. In this way, business processes are not interrupted or disrupted.

Gel Batteries

Gel batteries stand out with their low maintenance requirements and durability. These batteries provide reliable energy for a variety of warehouse equipment and transportation vehicles. Low maintenance requirement provides cost savings.

Lithium | Lion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries offer an environmentally friendly energy solution with high energy density and fast charging features. This is an indication that it is a spare part that contributes to sustainability.

Scissor Lift Battery

The scissor lift battery meets the energy needs of scissor lifts with high lifting capacity. It provides a reliable and long-lasting energy source, allowing businesses to safely access high places.

Starter Battery

Starter batteries are designed to keep vehicles running powerfully. These high-performance batteries support the reliable operation of businesses' vehicle fleets.


Traction batteries are designed to be used in demanding transport and traction tasks. With its high output power and durability, it enables forklifts to carry heavy loads safely.