Orange Forklift

Second Hand

Orange Forklift; It partially or completely renews second-hand, used and worn-out forklifts and puts them back into use. Second-hand forklifts resulting from the renewal processes are classified as Gold Package, Silver Package and Bronze Package and offered to customers. Warranty periods determined according to the contents of each package offer customers a reliable and long-lasting solution. By providing detailed information about all the operations performed and the actual condition of the vehicle, customers are enabled to choose the right product according to their budget.

If you are thinking of buying a new forklift and you have an old forklift, you can get a new forklift with the exchange option. Orange Forklift offers exchange opportunities to provide solutions that suit the needs of its customers. As a result of the revisions, a wide range of products are offered to customers with guaranteed battery-powered, diesel and LPG forklifts, battery-powered stackers, battery-powered pallet trucks, manlifts, tow trucks and other vehicles that comply with European standards.