Orange Forklift

Spare part


Filters produced with high quality materials effectively filter particles and pollutants, ensuring that your engine remains long-lasting and high-performance.

Brake System

Brake systems consist of durable and effective parts specially designed to increase safe stopping and maneuverability.

Repair Kits

Repair kits contain all the necessary tools for quick and effective repairs. It is an ideal solution for uninterrupted operation of businesses and emergency responses.


Chains are specially designed to lift and carry heavy loads safely. They are produced with high quality materials.

Engine System

Engine systems maximize the power and performance of forklifts. These systems support the uninterrupted operation of businesses with durability and energy efficiency.

Revision Kits

Designed for forklift maintenance and overhaul operations, Orange Forklift's overhaul kits include all necessary parts and ensure long life of forklifts.


High quality bearings ensure smooth operation of forklift moving parts. Orange Forklift's bearings offer durability and consistent performance.


Our sensitive sensors provide operators with detailed information about environmental conditions so businesses can keep safety standards high.

Transmission Kits

Forklift transmission kits ensure that businesses' forklifts move smoothly. Orange Forklift's transmission kits deliver long-lasting performance.