Orange Forklift

Mora High Tonnage Forklifts

Shaping the future of industrial transportation with the assurance of Orange forklift, the Mora high tonnage battery-powered forklift series’ unique technology and features enable your businesses to transport heavy loads safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. Mora high-tonnage battery forklifts exceed industry standards with a carrying capacity of up to 25 tons. The powerful engine and robust chassis offer superior performance in handling heavy loads. It allows you to carry out your business processes in the most effective way with its special forklifts that allow uninterrupted work inside the container, effectively carrying and placing loads up to 15 tons and precise maneuvers. It can be customized with different sizes and features specific to your unique needs and offers solutions suitable for business processes. It increases work safety and comfort by expanding your field of view with its high cabins. High tonnage Mora forklifts are equipped with high fuel saving and environmentally friendly technologies. Low-emission engines and energy efficiency offer an environmentally friendly approach while minimizing operating costs.

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